BENCH CAPITAL commited to provide:

  • The negociation of the best conditions for the investor.
  • The search for the spaced transmitters with the best financial performance.
  • Followed by the product throughout its life cycle.
  • The support of the investor in his decision making by our know-how and our market experience throught structured products.
  • An attentive ear to every need or needs of the investor.
  • Structuring tailored to the investor for all sizes.
  • Charges reduced to a minimum.
  • We will oversee all the operation happening between the investor and the issuer.
  • Assessment of advantages and disadvantages of different variations on the basic objectives of investors.
  • Explicit presentation file about each products.
  • The selection of first-class issuers only.
  • The participation in the growing market of structured products.
  • Adherence to our values (requirement, work, performance, transparency and humility).

NB: Bench Capital reserves the right to refuse to work if the source of funds is suspect.

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