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The table is a summary of different combinations to build a strategy. Start by defining the different strategies to better address the market for structured products. Depending on the expectations, the aversion to risk, the investment horizon or on the strategy, it is possible to build a product for a customer profile.


Protection Deadline Strategy Expectations
Integral Short Yield Bull
Partial Medium Growth Stable
No Long Mixed Bear

The investor is assured from the show to be reimbursed up to the amount invested. This protection may vary as above below par, it depends on the wishes of the client, the underlying or the price of the date issuance. The average maturity of the products is about five years. This maturity allows full growth potential while avoiding thr risks of short-term adjustments of the underlying, whiwh are often indices. The product is interesting if the underlying change considerably because the repayment at maturity is based on its perfomance. The investor is "bullish" if he chooses a product positively correlated to the performance of the underlying or "bearish otherwise.

These take the form of bonds (Note) and are quoted in percentage and issued at par.

The Bench Capital company covers all the types of products whatever the underlying desired. Below, you will find a partial list on the maximum yield:

  • Index Linked Note,
  • Bonus Coupon Note,
  • Bonus Momentum Note,
  • Annual Review Note,
  • Bonus Currency Note,
  • Commodity Linked Note,
  • Snowball Note,
  • Shark Note,
  • Rainbow Note,
  • Income Click Note,
  • Bonus Spread Note,
  • Range Accrual Note,
  • Butterfly Note.

Many improvements, modifications or combinations may be added depending on the type of product chosen. (Produced with or without Cap Cap product with or without Floor Floor, Produced with or without coupon coupon, product with or without Barriere Barriere, Sharia Products, Best-in Period (look-back), etc ...).

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